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Huge customer base

For a consumer goods company like Golcha Organisation, Century Food, Baltra Appliances, this is ideal. It would cost an enormous amount of marketing investment to get the impressions and sales that one gets from

Credibility and trust

"New customers may be more comfortable purchasing from [than purchasing from a website they're unfamiliar with], as is a known and trusted company," says Ms.Binita Shrestha, Operation Head, Drishti Eye Care Center, which provides​highest quality super specialty eye care services​.


Another "advantage of is its built-in algorithm for recommended purchases," Mr. Kiran Kr. Kasaju, the founder of Kasaju Chemicals and Cleaning Suppliers, a supplier or seller of Liquid Cleaning Materials. "Someone may visit to buy a product that you don't even sell, and your product may come up in a recommended purchase."

Similarly, " affiliates will link customers to your product and services through blog posts, Facebook posts, Website Ads or Banners, Online Retail, and Business-to-Business, Trade," says ​Robinson Bhattarai​, owner,​ Remax Nepal​, which provides products and information for gadgets and technology to the market. "This relieves you from the headache of maintaining an affiliate program."

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