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Getting a life insurance is like getting a new life! Your life insurance policy will cover the unexpected cost of life, and will help your family in dire need. There are many insurers in Nepal with various insurance policies, however, finding a policy that suits your need can be a great hassle.

The insurers’ credibility, time in business, claim settlement, customer (insuree) base, protection or investment policy and other factors determine which insurance is right for you!

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Najik.com makes it easy for you to compare various insurers, policy terms, quote, claim settlement etc. available in Nepal. You can choose from life insurance policies which suits your need best.

It can be challenging to visit Insurers or to choose the right policy for you, hence you need a specialists help to figure out the right policy for you. Najik.com offers specialists assistance in finding a right life insurance policy for you.

Term life insurance or plan is a life insurance coverage made at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time. After the expiration of that period, coverage at the previous rate of premiums may not be guaranteed and the insuree must either let go of the coverage or obtain further coverage with different payments or conditions. If the insuree dies during the term, the benefit will be paid to the beneficiary.

Unlike term policy, an endowment policy is a life insurance coverage designed to pay an entire sum after a specific term, maturity of the policy or even death of the insuree. Typical maturities may range from ten, fifteen and twenty years up to a certain age limit. Some policies may also covers critical illness.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
What is life Insurance?
Life Insurance is a contract between the Insurers and insuree, where the insurer promises to pay certain sum to the beneficiary upon the death of the insuree. The insurance policy is covered in return of regular premiums paid by the insurer or someone on behalf of the insurer. It is generally obtained to secure the financial burden of the family upon the death of the insurer.
History of life insurance in Nepal
The first life insurance in Nepal dates back to 1948, initially started by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) with only coverage to residents of Kathmandu city. There are almost 15 insurance companies currently in the Nepalese market LIC stopped its operation in 1972; Afterwards, the operations were taken over by Rashtriya Beema Sansthan, National life and General Insurance Company. The insurance activities in Nepal are regulated by the provisions of Insurance Act 2049 and Insurance regulations 2049.
What if the agent fails to deposit premium on behalf of the insuree to the company?
The agent will be personally responsible for the money received and liable to get punishment in case of fraud.
Will the insuree bear the loss from sum assured, if company goes into loss?
No, the insuree doesn’t have to bear any responsibilities from the company’s loss.
Will the premium paid be refunded if the policy is discontinued?
No, the premium will not be refunded in any case, however if the policy had run for minimum of two years some surrender value could be recuperated.
Whom to select as beneficiary of the policy?
The insuree has a right to choose anyone from his family or close companion.
What is the age eligibility for applying life insurance?
The insurance can be applied immediately after birth of the insuree, however, the risk cover will only begin after the age of eight.
Difference between purchasing policy from the company or the agent?
A person has a choice to buy from either the company or the agent, however, one may not receive the individual service provided only by the agent.
Can I change the insurance policy after purchase?
Policy once purchased cannot be changed, however clauses like the mode of premium payment and nominees are changeable.
Can sum assured be added or deducted in future?
No, sum assured of a policy cannot be added or deducted.
What is insurance bonus?
The profit earned by the insurer in return of providing insurance policy is the insurance bonus, which is generally paid in the event of death of policy holder or maturity of the policy.
Will the insuree receive medical expenses in case of any fatal accident?
No, the life insurance policy covers only death risk.
What is the provision for “lost policy”?
Policy papers are of utmost importance and accounts for the legal agreement associated with the insurance policy. One must immediately apply for the duplicate copy in case of loss of the original papers while paying certain fee.
What if I’m unable to pay premium to continue the policy?
You must stop the contract or surrender the policy; provided two yearly premiums are paid.
In what mode can I pay premium?
The premiums can be deposited directly by cash or in bank deposits.
How can the premium be paid if one migrates to another region or country?
The policy premium can be paid from any place around the world without any difficulty.
How can I get statement histories?
You can get statement of premium paid from the agent or from the company.
Can I take loan from the deposited premium?
Yes, you can obtain loan to the extent of certain limit of premium paid but you must had paid at least two year worth of premium.
What is the minimum maturity period for any life insurance?
Five years, however, it may differ according to policy purchased.
What is the sum of amount I get paid on the maturity of the policy?
On maturity, you get paid a sum assured and bonus (if mentioned in the policy).
What is the maximum time allowed for renewal of the lapse policy?
Any lapse policy can be renewed within three years of the lapse date. Nevertheless, various condition applies in renewing depending upon the term, age, sum assured etc.
How lapsed policy could be revived if the insuree is abroad?
In case of lapsed policy, the insure must submit an application with all necessary documents to the company.
How survival benefit could be received by beneficiary if insurer is out of the country?
An application of insured along with original policy and identification card of the beneficiary is required.
What if the nominee or beneficiary dies?
You can change the nominee before the policy expires.
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