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Buying a house is a huge undertaking considering the long time and effort involved, commission of the agents, and the ever-changing real estate market of Nepal.

It is a long-term investment, hence, you must consider few essential facts before buying a new/used property. The location, age of the property, neighborhood, design and real estate market conditions are few of the qualifying factors before buying any property.

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Step 1

You can submit your basic detail through the form given in the webpage. We require your full name, email address, primary/secondary phone number, preferred property type, location and budget to ascertain the right property.

Step 2

We add your information in our secure database and put you in the potential buyers list to expedite your search.

Step 3

We forward your details to hundreds of potential sellers and match your requirement.

Step 4

Once the search is matched, we send you the details of the property, size, seller’s information, budget and other essential information through your preferred mode of communication

Bank loan
You have an option of borrowing home loan from Bank and Financial Institutions (BFIs) or paying for the house through your savings. The currently levied interest rate for home loan ranges anything from 10% to 17.5%.

The real estate market of Kathmandu has seen much upheaval. The price of land in Kathmandu has increased 330% over the last 30 years, hence, fuelling up the housing price.

A home is your present and an investment for your future.
We make it simple
We know buying a house can be stressful, let us help you make the process simple.
Why buy a house through Najik.com?
Najik.com makes it easy for you to compare various properties around Nepal according to location, price and affordability. We help you invest right and secure your future. Najik.com provides complete information on the current real estate market of Nepal and keep you updated with latest prices and changes.
What is Housing Bubble?
Housing bubble refers to the inflation in housing prices fueled by demand and speculation. It usually starts with a rise in demand, while supply is limited. Speculators enter the market and further drive up demand. At near future, demand decreases or dwindles at the same time supply rises up, resulting in sharp drop in housing price.
We free you from the hassles
Najik.com offers complete list of BFIs in Nepal and helps you choose best plan according to you affordability. You can compare providers, interest rates and repayment options while sitting at the comfort of your home.
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
What sort of properties do you advertise?
Najik.com offers wide range of properties and real estate around Nepal. You can choose from apartments for rent/purchase, shops, bungalow and colony home to house for rent/purchase in our website. We tie up with hundreds of suppliers, home owners and agents to facilitate a right property for you.
What locations are the properties from?
The properties listed are located in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Jhapa, Dhading, Kavre, Banke, Chitwan and many other urban and semi-urban areas.
What size or area range of properties are listed in Najik.com?
The properties may range from 2 aana (684.5 sq. ft.) to 250 ropani (1,369,000 sq. ft.).
Do you work with an Agent?
Yes, we work with agents to help find potential properties for you. We use their collective data and understanding of market to ascertain right property and price for you.
Do I need home loan?
It depends. If you wish to take a loan to purchase your dream house or property, you can do so at the current interest rate of 10% to 17.5% p.a. We tie up with various BFIs in Nepal to facilitate easy loaning process and right loan for you.
What is the general price range?
The price of the property may range from 5 lakhs (500,000) to 200 crore (2,000,000,000)
Do I pay a fee to find properties?
No, you do not need to pay any fee to find your desired property. We use your information to match potential sellers or properties and provide you complete detail.
How do I acquire a property?
After you have chosen the property and visited the site or met with the seller, you can proceed with buying the property.
How do I inspect a property?
You can consult a certified housing inspector before buying a property. All the certified inspectors will inspect your property under the guidelines of Housing Recovery & Reconstruction Platform and other basic inspection utilities.
Do I need household insurance?
Household insurance is a type of property insurance that covers a private residence. It is an insurance policy that combines various personal insurance protections.
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