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Buying a new or used car and automobile is a huge task comparing the research of the vehicle, previous ownership, visiting the dealership and endless inquiries. Najik.com offers complete detail of your preferred vehicle, dealership information, current prices, cashback and alternative vehicles at your budget and taste.

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You can submit your basic detail through the form given in the webpage. We require your full name, email address, primary/secondary phone number, vehicle brand, model, fuel transmission and budget to ascertain the right car or automobile for you.

Step 2

We add your information in our secure database and forward your details to major dealers and traders in Nepal to get you the best price.

Step 3

Once the search is matched, we will start sending you the all the relevant price and details through your preferred mode of communication.

Step 4

The final step is to connect you with the dealership and showroom, which may involve direct contact, visitation or other forms of communication.

Najik.com makes it easy for you to compare various car and automobile available in Nepal at your preferred budget. You can choose from vehicle brand, model, provider, car loan and easy installments.

It can be challenging to visit various dealerships and browse through their stock to find a vehicle of your preference. Najik.com brings entire portfolio in one place and lets you choose the one that best suits you.

A buyer has a choice of buying a new car or automobile through self-financing, bank loan or part financing. If a buyer isn’t ready to pay the entire sum, they can choose to finance the purchase through bank or loan at certain interest rate.

Mileage is a major concern for all the car and automobile buyers. Mileage of a vehicle is the number of kilometers it runs per liter of fuel, and the vehicle which gives better mileage is the winner. The luxury cars tend to provide lesser mileage. Mileage may also depend on the fuel transmission or petrol/diesel vehicles.

When is the best time to buy a new car?
The best time to buy a new car is at the end of the month, quarter or the end of the year. Dealers/sales are rewarded for meeting sales goals at that time resulting in selling few more vehicles to obtain bonus or benefits for them. In these situations, dealers/sales could sell new cars at less or no profit to close the deal, hence more benefit to the buyers.
Is the dealer invoice price the real dealers cost on new cars?
The dealer invoice price is not the real cost on a new vehicle. Dealers/sales may get incentives or rewards for selling new cars at the invoice price.
Is it really possible to buy new cars below the dealer invoice price?
Yes, buying new cars at lesser than the invoice price is possible. Smart shopping always involves better negotiations and deals without the loss to either parties.
Should I obtain bank loan or financing for buying a new car?
If you can self-finance the entire new car, the better. You will end up paying more for a car through interest rates and installments when you seek bank loan or financing.
How much should I spend on buying a new car?
The price of the car and its maintenance depends on your income and savings, and daily ride. If you tend to drive more, it’s always better to buy car or automobile with better ground clearance and more mileage.
What are the benefits of buying a used car?
Used vehicles can be great option for buyers with lesser budget or those who wish to buy reconditioned car at cheaper price. The modern cars or automobile are well built, hence they require less repair. With good deal, you can get a fairly new used car or automobile which are only few years older. You can easily get loan or financing for used cars.
Why should I buy a used car from a dealer?
Dealers are certified and credible sellers with a reputation. Buying a used car from dealer can be expensive than buying from third party sellers, but it guarantees a conditioned vehicle which are well inspected and they tend to be as advertised.
How should I prepare when going to buy a used car?
The price of the vehicle model/make, negotiations with the dealers, test drive and full inspection is a must before you buy a used car from the dealership.
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