About Najik.com

Najik.com brings all the essential products of your need in a matter of a click. We make it easier to search and compare the market and find your preferred product from thousands of suppliers. We provide quotes from various suppliers which you can compare or keep for your future reference.

We believe in smart services. Once you have provided us your requirement, our representatives will analyze your information and forward it to thousands of suppliers. Once done, we forward you all the relevant details of the supplier and product through the mode of communication you choose.

We do not charge any fee! You can feel free to use our service.

24/7 Customer Support

Thousands of Suppliers

Secure Database

Discounts & Offers

Shop at comfort of your home

We Bridge the Gap

Najik.com was launched to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers.

We Compare the Whole Market

Through us, you can compare products, prices and providers and shop at the comfort of your home.

We Save you Time

We bring customers and potential suppliers closer without the need of meeting in-person.

We Save you Money

We compare the whole market and bring you the best price.


Ease of Access

You can access Najik.com from your PC, laptop or cellphones. We are user-friendly and easy to navigate. We bring all the products to your browser in just a click.

No Fee Required

We do not charge any fee for searching or connecting with the suppliers. We use your data to match you with the potential supplier and offer you information of your need. We make money only when you are successfully connected with your preferred supplier.

Thousands of Suppliers

We work with thousands of suppliers in and outside Nepal. We keep an updated list of suppliers in our database, and match them with you whenever you search for your preferred product.

Our Suppliers

Najik.com works with various top providers to find you great deals.We list top suppliers in the market with varied products and credibility. They must meet Najik.com's guideline and policy to be able to directly list through us.

For loans and borrowing, we work with the majority of A Certified banks and financial institutions in Nepal. For housing and apartments, we tie up with certified and reliable housing agents. For study abroad, we associate with certified, credible and finest institutions. For car and automobile, we tie up with major trading and warehouses in Nepal to provide you up to date list of vehicles available in the market, true market prices and list of credible vendors.

We also give customers the option to see a wider view of the market. We regularly check that all our direct partners are regulated, and cut ties with those who do not meet our criteria.


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Job Placement

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