We save you time and money
Najik.com is an inclusive online store. Here, you can find the product of your need. We connect you with thousands of suppliers and help you find best deals at best price.

We provide a comparison of the price and provider too, so you can select from the arrays of available portfolios in our database. We believe in smart services, hence, we facilitate easy shopping at the comfort of your home.

About our service

Ease of Access

You can access Najik.com from your PC, laptop or cellphones. We are user-friendly and easy to navigate. We bring all the products to your browser with just a click.

We don't charge you any Fee

We do not charge any fee for searching or connecting with the suppliers. We use your data to match you with the potential supplier and offer you information of your need. We make money only when you are successfully connected with your preferred supplier.

Thousands of Suppliers

We work with thousands of suppliers in and outside Nepal. We keep an updated list of suppliers in our database, and match them with you whenever you search for your preferred product.

What We Do..
Our Promise, we save you time and money !

Price Promise

We make a bulk purchase, this way we get the advantage to bargain for the best price.

Wide Market Coverage

We have a huge network of suppliers to source you the best product at the best price.


We find and connect you directly to the best supplier saving you time and money.

All Your Questions Answered
Still not convinced? Let us explain why you get more for your money with us.
What is najik.com?
Najik.com is your nearest source for finding any desired products in a Go. It brings all the best deals within the range of your preferred price at the comfort your home, while avoiding the hassles of reaching every supplier and striking a bargain. It even offers products which aren’t yet available for buying online.
Who are our suppliers?
We allow available suppliers to post their products in our website with all the information required for a buyer to decide. You can choose from arrays of suppliers and the price within your range.
How much can I save with najik.com?
You can save time, effort and money while buying through Najik.com. It helps you guide through the arrays of suppliers and score best deals.
Can I not get it cheaper if I go directly to the supplier?
You may, however, you lose the chance of scoring better deals by comparing various suppliers and their prices.
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

We assure that you can compare results from a wide selection of providers in Najik.com. Once you have completed entering your details into our site we will pass these details onto our partners so they can calculate results for you. We then display the results to you through email.

You have the liberty to choose from many providers without paying any fee upfront. When you select your preferred provide, we get them in touch with you and expedite the remaining processes. We also maintain the customer center, so you can put forward your query, complaints or feedback.

We only work with credible and transparent suppliers, hence, you can depend on the results we provide you. You are in no compulsion to commit to our services at any point of time.  

We also facilitate comparison of prices, products and providers in our website, hence, you shop with lot of options in hand.

For more information please see our privacy and cookie policy.

Protection of your personal detail is of highest importance to Najik.com. We are continually focusing on ensuring your data that you provide us is secure. We adopt latest security measure to keep your information and query safe without the breach of standard internet safety policy.

The searches and comparison you make will be recorded in our database to facilitate quicker and relevant results in future, and match potential suppliers. No fee will be taken or transacted with us, so your financial data is kept safe with you. Once, the initial process is complete, we converse through email, so the information we share between each other is remained safe.

For more information please see our privacy and cookie policy.

When you use our service, you will receive an email confirming your results and data. We will use your specified email to get in touch with you, unless you provide access to any other form of communication.

You will get all your results in your email, along with any future recommendations or deals.

You can update your preferences and unsubscribe at any point of time without any fee or hassle.

You will have an option to get in touch with the provider or our partners. Once your search is complete and we match you with potential providers, the provider will contact you further through your specified communication medium.

You can also choose not to share your detail with the supplier and keep your communication limited to us only. In that case, we will manage your data and act as a facilitator. Our suppliers or providers are bound by contract and policies, hence they cannot contact your directly until you decide otherwise. If you click through to our any of our partners’ websites, you will be subject to their Privacy Policy in relation to any communications you will receive from them which we recommend you read carefully.

We maintain 24 hour hotline and email for our customers to get in touch with our representative in case of need. You can offer your feedback, query or complaints to them and they will be duly registered and taken into action.

If you wish to become our partner or sponsor us, we will be grateful to do business with you. We are open to any offers relating to partnership, sponsorship or advertisements.

Please refer to our media and partnership page.

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